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Product Guideline : Tulsi's plant is revered and sacred in Hindu religious tradition. According to Ayurvedic, common diseases in Tulsi plants play an important role in preventing the body. Tulsi is a tonic that gives the body skin and kidney benefits of importance. Tulsi leaves have medicinal properties with which the healing power remains in the body. The herbs that gives effective relief in all types of fever and cold. Due to this, any fever in the patient is given to boil of Tulsi. It helps in producing insulin in a flat stool that remains in the body, which gives relaxation in diabetes. Tulsi's power is also helped in heart disease due to the weakening of the disease. Also, stress-free life and smoking are directed towards non-smoking, which can lead to nervous life. Usage: - Everyday two time take 2-3 drops with 200ml. warm water . Best for famliy 20-30 drops can be poured daily in your daily drinking water so that the whole family can get Tulsi.

₹ 250.00