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1. The applicant must be 18 years or above of age and shall be competent to enter into contract as provided in the Indian Contract Act.

2. The Ayushine Better Concept Wellcare Pvt Ltd (herein after referred as the “Company”) reserves all rights whether to accept the application of applicant for an Independent Distributor (herein after referred as the “Distributor”) or reject whatsoever and it is final and binding on the applicant. On selection as Distributor a unique Identification No. will be issued. He/She from thenceforth is eligible for certain incentives like discounts, commission and rewards as detailed in the business plan of the company.

3. An individual can have only one Distributor ID on his/her name with the Company.

4. The Distributor is a non-exclusive contractor. Distributor is not an agent, employee, partner or legal representative of the Company for any purpose whatsoever. He/She shall be responsible for his own business and compliance of the central, state and local statues and regulations and all applicable laws.

5. The Distributor shall abide by sales policy, Rules, Procedures, Terms and Conditions of the company in vogue or as amended anytime in the future.

6. There is no any kind of fixed income. Commission, Incentives, Royalty, Rewards etc. all are based on the sale volume generated by the Distributor himself / herself as well by his/her team and are calculated as per pay plan of the company. Company reserves the right to change Business Volume Points, Promotion Volume Points and Point Value Ratios, other components of pay plan and method of Pay Plan at any point of time without prior notice.

a) Promoting company products/activities through any form of advertisement.

b) Recruiting new Distributor through any type of media.

8. The company shall no way be responsible for any past, present or future liability incurred by the Distributor while conducting the business with the Company.

9. The Distributor shall purchase the company’s products as per the Distributor price list and shall sale the products to Customers at MRP (Maximum Retail Price) printed on the product pack label.

10. All taxes, duties government levies applicable to the sales made by the Distributor shall be payable by the Distributor as per the procedure and law of the land.

11. Goods and Services Tax (GST) on the income of the Distributor (if applicable) will be duly paid by the Distributor to the Government on due basic as per the applicable norms.

12. Any other taxes, levies on and above the income of the Distributor earned from the company will be borne and duly paid by the Distributor to the concern authorities as per applicable norms.

13. The Distributor shall promote the company’s products in accordance with the contents of the company’s printed document & support material supplied by the company and prohibited to make any amendments there to or revision thereof by the Distributor.

14. The Distributor shall not sale the company’s products to or through retail outlets/shops as it is contrary to the Sales Policy of the company.

15. The Distributor will seek prior permission of the Company before selling or supplying products to or through E.Comm. Companies and Online Marketplace.

16. TDS will be deducted as per the prevailing rules and regulations formulated by the Government. Administrative Charge will be deducted as per the Company norms.

17. The company is having the absolute rights to terminate the Distributorship, in the event of failure on part of the Distributor, to comply with the terms and conditions and code of ethics at any point of time without giving any prior notice.

18. A terminated Distributor can join fresh with a new application only after 6 months from the date of termination.

19. Distributor shall neither claim that the product is a cure for diseases nor he/she should do any diagnosis and suggest treatment unless he/she is a registered medical practitioner.

20.Return Policy : A) In case Distributor has received any damaged product, he/she can exchange it from where he/she has got the delivery of the same within 10 Days of the delivery. B) Distributor can return unsold products to the company within 30 days from the date of purchase with original Invoice as per return policy of the Company. Such products are must be into resalable condition.

21. Cooling off Period : New Distributor can surrender his / her business within 30 days from the date of sign up under Cooling Off Period. They can return unsold products to the company with original Invoice as per return policy of the Company. Such products are must be into resalable condition.

22. The Distributor will never make any false claims of high incentives, income and about business opportunities. He/she has to communicate the company’s business plan in Toto without any changes.

23. For all purposes, only English version of printed material from the company will be taken as an official copy.

24. Distributor are bound to resell, distribute and market the company products within the territory of India only.

25. The company is the Authority to interpret the rules, regulations, instructions and sales policy applicable to governing the conduct of the Distributor.

26. Before visiting any prospect, for product selling or business presentation, Distributor will always take prior appointment as well will carry his/her Distributor identity card.

27. If there is no any business transaction continuously for 2 Years, the Distributorship will be terminated without prior notice.

28. Distributor cannot become distributor with as well actively participate in any role into activity of any other direct selling company, violation of this will result into termination from being a Distributor.

29. Distributor must not make any negative or disparaging remarks about the company.

30. The company reserve the right to change, modify and alter the business plan, rules, regulations, prices, terms, conditions and code of ethics without any prior notice or intimation to the Distributor.

31. The applicant should read, understand all the Rules, Policies, Terms, Conditions and code of ethics printed in the company’s business manual and seek all clarification and explanations from his sponsor before signing the application form.

32. Any dispute, differences or claims arising out of as in connection with this agreement shall be submitted to Arbitration and shall be referred to the sole Arbitrator under the Arbitration Act and Rules. The venue of such arbitration shall be at Ahem - Gujarat and the award of the Arbitrator shall be final and binding on all parties. The courts at Ahmedabad - Gujarat shall alone have jurisdiction in relation to this Arbitration Agreement and any award arising there from.

33. Ayusine Better Concept Wellcare Pvt. Ltd. is incorporated in 2019 under the companies Act 1956. , registered with the registrar of companies, Ahmedabad and having its head office at Ahmedabad – Gujarat. All disputes or differences shall be adjudicated upon by a court of an appropriate jurisdiction at Ahmedabad - Gujarat only.